Who is Energy Select?

Energy Select is a fee based consultancy service specializing in the ongoing management of energy related products.

Increasingly the purchase of energy is a specialized field and large users, and those seeking customised solutions, are utilising our services to ensure that the right product is being purchased for their requirements.

Energy Select specializes in the management of electricity and natural gas contracts in New Zealand and Australia and is at the forefront of the industry. In electricity we act for users spending between $10,000 and $133 million per annum and as a result we are fully aware of the wide range of issues facing clients today.

In electricity the vast majority of the generation and retail customers are held between the three SOE’s and Contact Energy. It is quite obvious that a comfortable state of balance has been achieved between the customer bases, generation location, and generation output. The result of this balance is that a single competitive supplier is an unlikely scenario and that assertive purchasing from a number of retailers is often necessary to optimize the overall position.

The deregulation of the Natural Gas market has seen many new players enter the market. Consumers are benefiting from serious competition established providers seek to hold onto clients and those who have relatively just entered the market seek to develop a customer base.

The products being offered have diversified largely to reflect the risk position of the different suppliers. The up side of this development is that the purchaser can reduce the ongoing cost as a result of understanding their business and the downside is that complexity and perceived risk is changing the administration inputs required.