Bill Checking

This account management service minimises your electricity expenditure and resolves billing issues before our clients become aware of (or are affected by) any difficulty.

The complexity and variability of the components that make up an energy invoice make checking on a regular basis critical. Energy companies are error prone and mistakes can go unnoticed for years at a time. Energy Select reviews monthly the energy, network, and metering charges, local losses and levies. We also perform a two stage consumption check based on historical information.

Energy Select can receive hard copy invoices directly or capture your invoice and metering data direct from retailers websites. We resolve simple issues and flag those that require your attention, once an invoice is deemed accurate we authorise problem free invoices ready for payment by your accounts team. Depending on your requirments we can hold the invoice at our premises and forward electronic copies, or alternatively we can forward hard copies monthly, quaterly or as required. We know the market and can find the best rates for you, often without switching service providers. We are energy cost reduction experts.

Auditing of Historical Invoices.

Energy Select can, for a one of fee, audit historical invoices. The process involves us contacting your supplier and requesting invoice copies going back as far as you require, although 12 months is the norm. Or you can provide hard copies from your accounts records.

Typically the bill savings from the audit result in a one time monthly savings with no capital investment. However, some billing errors can continue for months or years and so the ongoing benefit of the audit becomes apparent. Since the error may be small in comparison to the total normal invoice, the bill error can easily go undetected.