Energy Efficiency and Benchmarking

Benchmarking a Facility: Benchmarking building performance is a very useful tool to determine the potential benefit from improving a facilities efficiency.  We can  assist you in benchmarking your facilities. Typical benchmarking is based upon the Department of Energy Benchmark Process.

  •   Office
  •   School
  •   Supermarket
  •   Hospital
  •   Hotel

Energy Screening Services: Preliminary facility evaluation to estimate the savings potential.  The results are typically used to decide if an investment grade audit is warranted. Example – This service generally includes a walk through of the facility, including the major energy using systems, operating staff interview, and a utility bill review.  The deliverable is a preliminary list of potential facility cost reduction measures and a gross estimate of the overall savings potential. This assessment is frequently used to decide whether to pursue the Investment grade audit and in some cases the customer proceeds directly to selected measure implementation.

Investment Grade Audit Services: This service provides the accuracy of savings and cost data required by most clients before they are prepared to decide on implementation. Example – This service requires an in-depth on site analysis of the operating characteristics of the facility and equipment, including submetering of critical systems.  Data gathered during the field survey, with engineering analysis, provides accurate cost savings predictions along with accurate implementation cost estimates required for business decisions on implementation benefits.  The deliverable is a report containing all system descriptions, proposed system modifications, benefits, costs, long term impact on the facility, data collected, and engineering calculations.