Energy Purchasing

In recent years the energy market has fluctuated from an over abundence of energy to sever shortages. In New Zealand the retail contract perspective has continued to firm and variations between sellers have diminished. That said, at current pricing it is as important as ever to ensure that you are buying the right product at the right price.

We have identified that the best method to obtain the most competitive electricity pricing is to issue an open tender to all participants in the NZEM. By initiaing such an action all suppliers are advised of your potential custom, and all are put on notice that only a select few will eneter the final negotiation phase. The base level of response required is that of Fixed Price and Variable Volume but we encourage innovative product sets, including financial products, that can be analysed to establish a benefit. In order to maximize results we have established over time an industry accepted standard for RfP's. By following our process you can be assured of a robust outcome leading to an optimal purchase position for your business.

Energy Select does not participate in group purchasing as it is our firm beleif the offers received are not the best for each client. Each client is dealt with on a case by case basis to acheive the best possible outcome for your business, and the fact you leverage off our experience and buying power when it comes to dealing with suppliers.