Tenant Billing

The situation of sublet premises and property management involving the on-selling of electricity is referred to as a Customer Network. Because the building manager purchases electricity in bulk they can negotiate beneficial line charges and electricity tariffs. Energy Select can identify the best market rates that a tenant would pay in a competitive environment. By on charging tenants the market rate, for smaller electricity connections, the tenant pays a fair price for their electricity needs and the building manager can benefit by collecting the difference between market rates and the bulk rate they have negotiated with their supplier. Energy Select will generate the necessary billing information for your tenants to meet your requirements, be it a one line summary per tenant through to the sophistication of a standard electricity invoice provided by the big retailers. And because we manage the tenant billing aspect Energy Select can also negotiate the bulk purchasing requirements for the Customer Network. Invoices typically include directly metered usage, a share of common area usage, invoicing services can include Natural Gas, Water, Hot Water, HVAC systems, essentially any invoice where services are provided in bulk and paid for on a user pays basis. Because the service is provided professionally and impartially your tenants are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.